Angels’ Place Race


Whether you’re new or experienced to walking or running a road race I suggest you follow a training program.  Training programs are designed to help you build from your current physical condition to either complete or compete depending upon your personal goal.  There are many training programs available on the “App” Stores for your phone.  In the past our training groups have use the C25K or C210K.  Most of the apps have a free version with daily training plan for 8 or more weeks (more for the longer distances).

A few thoughts that may be helpful.

  1. Set a goal;
    1. Whether this is your first race or one hundredth it is important to have a final goal.  Having a goal will help keep you going on those days you would rather stay in bed.  Examples:  Just finish the race, loss weight, finish in the top half of the race participants, etc.
  2. Set a weekly target to help achieve your goal;
    1. When training for a race several month away it is easier to have an intermediate targets.  Examples:  complete training for the week per the training program, train 3 times this week, add some distance or time to a walk or run, etc.
  3. Not every training session will be an improvement over the last one.  Some days just getting through the workout is a win.

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